• WLCN is filled with love! As a preschool teacher coming from a private school setting, I found WLCN to be a place filled with age appropriate educational activities in a setting that lets kids be kids! 2 of my children have moved on to elementary school with a lot more social preparedness and skills vs. kids who go to a day care. I can’t wait to send my other kids there too!

      The Greenfield Family
    • Three of our children went to WLCN, and all of them loved the experience. The teachers were all so involved, along with all of the parents. As a coop, all of the parents were so attuned to the kids and what was going on in the school. It was a wonderful experience both for us and the kids and gave the kids a great start on the fundamentals for kindergarten.

      The Sheets Family
    • My 4 year old son is a current student at Wilde Lake and my daughter “graduated” to kindergarten the year before last. They are very different children, but have each had a wonderful experience there. The teachers are so warm and caring and take the time to get to know your child as an individual and cater to their little personality quirks. From the very outgoing to the more introverted, every child is given the type of attention they need to thrive and prepare for kindergarten. We are frequently asked for input on way to improve the school, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

      The Sassi Family
    • When we moved to the area 7 years ago and happened upon WLCN, we found an instant network of friends both for myself and my children. All three of my children have been excited to go to preschool and looked forward to learning, playing, and sharing with their friends and teachers each day. My third child to attend WLCN is graduating this spring, and we will most definitely miss it. However, we have made so many amazing friends who will be a part of lives for years to come!

      The Sowry Family
    • We are so appreciative and thankful for WLCN and how accommodating and knowledgeable they are to kids with food allergies.

      The Min Family
    • I love the family atmosphere at WLCN, my son has enjoyed his time here, he can’t wait to get to school. WLCN has a nurturing environment and amazing staff which has made my little one come out his shell, kudos WLCN.

      The Johnson Family
    • My daughter Riley had a wonderful experience in the 4s class! WLCN is everything a preschool should be – a fun environment for kids to play, make friends, and learn. Miss Carren is terrific with the kids, warm and endlessly patient. A cooperative preschool like Wilde Lake is great because parents and family members are able to be so involved in all aspects of the preschool experience. Riley absolutely loved being the co-op kid when it was her turn! Our son will be attending next year, and our entire family is excited to be back at Wilde Lake again.

      The Michalke Family
    • A wonderful parent led preschool in Columbia. The teachers are caring and love the kids. This school is a great pick for parents who want their children to learn through play and learn to interact with their peers. My daughter has gone here for two years and loves it!

      The McKinley Family
    • I love the community at WLCN and the feeling that we truly do look out for one another. My daughter has made great friends, has learned so much, and is always excited to share her milestones with her teachers, Ms. Tammie and Ms. Carren. I love knowing she is in loving hands everyday.

      The Nelson Family