About Us

  • Our Curriculum

    Our curriculum is state-approved and we follow Howard County Pre-K standards.

    We use Frog Street’s Excel Pre-K Curriculum in our classes. This comprehensive curriculum offers differentiated instruction, a strong social-emotional component, builds a solid foundation in math and literacy skills, and creates a positive and fun learning environment! Frog Street’s high quality, research-based program is recommended by the State of Maryland.

    Through a wide variety of “learning through play” activities, we expose children to the areas of language arts, music, mathematics, social development, and science.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our school’s goal is to provide a setting where children are comfortable and happy and where their individual needs are met as fully as possible in all developmental areas.

    Social and emotional skills such as self-confidence, responsibility, sharing, self-expression, exploration, and many others are developed through a wide variety of free play experiences, teacher-directed activities, and the use of Wilde Lake’s extensive collection of materials and equipment.

    Teachers meet the cognitive needs of each child through individual, small, and large group activities. Language arts, math and problem solving skills can be enhanced as children are free to pursue individual styles of learning at varied levels of development.

    Physical development is also important at our school. The teacher’s selection of activities, materials and indoor and outdoor play help to accomplish this goal.

    Each child’s progress in all areas is communicated to parents at regularly scheduled conferences, as well as on an informal basis (at pickup/drop-off, email, phone, and etc).

    It is the responsibility of each member of WLCN (parent, student, and staff) to treat one another with respect, both online and in person. This community must be a welcoming environment for people of any race, nationality, culture, socioeconomic status, education, religion, sexuality, sex, gender identity, ability/disability, age, or personal appearance.

  • Our Classroom

    WLCN is located at the Faulkner Ridge Neighborhood Center across the road from the Wilde Lake Village Center, Columbia, MD.
    • Sensory table with seasonal items for exploration
    • New instruments, science equipment, and toys
    • Extensive selection of puzzles, puppets, games, and other learning materials
    • Outdoor play yard with new, regularly maintained climbing equipment, clean covered sandbox and riding toys
    • Variety of role-playing equipment and costumes
    • Very accommodating to allergy conditions
    • From the very outgoing to the more introverted, every child is given the type of attention they need to thrive and prepare for kindergarten.

      The Sassi Family
    • We are so appreciative and thankful for WLCN and how accommodating and knowledgeable they are to kids with food allergies.

      The Min Family
    • WLCN is everything a preschool should be – a fun environment for kids to play, make friends, and learn.

      The Michalke Family
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