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  • Welcome to Wilde Lake Children's Nursery

    Columbia's First Cooperative Preschool

    Recognized as having a high quality program by excels_logo (Level 2)
    • Licensed

      We are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education, and we follow the learning principles and early childhood development practices of the Howard County Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum.

    • Learning Through Play

      We believe that play is fundamental to a child’s education experience. We offer a variety of free play experiences and teacher-directed activities.

    • Cooperative

      Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other adult caregivers are welcome as co-op helper. Your child will be thrilled to be the “co-op friend“.

    • Allergy-Friendly

      Peanuts/peanuts butter snacks are not allowed, and neither are items made in a facility that also processes nuts. If a child has additional allergies, those foods are not served to any children of that class. Hands and mouths are wiped upon entering the classroom.

    • Small Classes

      With one of the smallest class sizes for co-ops in Howard County, your child receives individual attention and is able to progress at his or her own pace.

    • Approved Curriculum

      We use Frog Street’s Excel Pre-K Curriculum in our classes. This comprehensive curriculum offers differentiated instruction, a strong social-emotional component, builds a solid foundation in math and literacy skills, and creates a positive and fun learning environment! Frog Street’s high quality, research-based program is recommended by the State of Maryland.

  • Inclusivity Statement

    It is the responsibility of each member of WLCN (parent, student, and staff) to treat one another with respect, both online and in person. This community must be a welcoming environment for people of any race, nationality, culture, socioeconomic status, education, religion, sexuality, sex, gender identity, ability/disability, age, or personal appearance.
  • Our Programs

    Classes for 2, 3, and 4 year olds
  • Through a wide variety of "learning through play" activities, we expose children to language arts, music, mathematics, social development, and science.

  • Each child’s progress in all areas — social and emotional skills, language arts, math, problem-solving skills, and physical development — is communicated to parents at regularly scheduled conferences as well as on an informal basis (at pickup/drop-off, email, phone, and etc).

    • Two-Year-Old Program
      Tuesday, Thursday
      • 2
      • 10
        Class size
    • Three-Year-Old Program
      Monday, Wednesday, Friday
      • 2.5
      • 16
        Class size
    • Four-Year-Old Program
      Monday - Friday
      • 2.5
      • 16                              
        Class size
  • Meet Our Staff

  • Classroom staff consists of one teacher and an assistant teacher with experience in early childhood care.

  • At WLCN, we believe we have the best teachers in the area. All of our staff is committed to making sure your child is well cared for and supported while at school. They take the time to understand what is unique about every child and work hard to make their time away from home a positive experience. This really shows on the children’s faces at the end of the school day!

    • Tamara Heffner
      Lead Teacher/Director
    • A wonderful parent led preschool in Columbia. The teachers are caring and love the kids. This school is a great pick for parents who want their children to learn through play and learn to interact with their peers. My daughter has gone here for two years and loves it!

      The McKinley Family
    • The teachers were all so involved, along with all of the parents. As a coop, all of the parents were so attuned to the kids and what was going on in the school.

      The Sheets Family
    • The teachers are so warm and caring and take the time to get to know your child as an individual and cater to their little personality quirks.

      The Sassi Family
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