The Co-Op Experience

  • WLCN is a cooperative preschool.

    You'll participate, along with the teacher and assistant teacher, to help your child adjust to this major step away from home.

    As a member of the co-op, you will observe and participate in your child’s development and enjoy close communication with the teachers and other parents. Mothers, fathers, and even grandparents are encouraged to participate as fully as possible.

  • Responsibilities

    As a member of the co-op, you will be expected to do the following:

    • Help in the classroom, including light cleaning and providing snack (generally once a month)
    • Contribute your special skills and interests as part of the Board or as a committee member.
    • Participate in school-sponsored events.
    • Participate in school deep cleanings
    • Attend up to four meetings to discuss the school’s performance, issues, and upcoming activities.
  • Everyone Plays a Part in WLCN's Success

    One adult from each family must either serve on the Exec Board, act as a committee Chairperson, or be a member of a committee.
  • Committees

    • Publicity Committee
      Manages the advertising needs of the school including hiring, open enrollment, and school events.
      Plans the school's presence at the Preschool Fair.
      Creates small yearbook in spring to commemorate the school year.
      A person is assigned in each class to take pictures throughout the year.
    • Fundraising & Social Committee
      Organizes and plans fundraisers throughout the year, such as restaurant nights, photography shoot, shirts sale, and raffle baskets at Spring Fair.
      This committee organizes the school’s fundraising/social events and communicates with the class
      liaisons to disseminate information.
      This committee also coordinates the Spring Fair in early May (set up, take down, organize stations, food).
    • Education Committee
      Coordinates our EXCELS program along with all necessary MSDE forms.
      Conducts teacher evaluations twice per year and administers a spring school-wide survey.
    • Web Committee
      Helps to maintain and update the school website.
      Helps to maintain and update the school’s Google Apps for Education, Google Workspace, and Jovial organizational software.
      Updates and maintain school/class email lists, updates passwords login information for school email accounts.
      Troubleshoots any technical issues.
    • Library/Scholastic Book Orders/Mail Pick-up
      Check outs books from the library, as needed, which relate to classroom themes.
      Keeps the school/teacher library at school organized.
      Manages Scholastic book orders throughout the year.
      Retrieves the mail from the school’s post office box every week and takes it to the Treasurer’s home over the summer or brings it to school during the school year.
    • Laundry
      Once per week, this position launders the microfiber cleaning cloths used to clean the classroom/toys.
      Launders the dress-up clothes and doll clothes from class as needed.
  • Executive Board

    The board assumes responsibility in June for the following school year. Board meetings are held on a regular basis and are attended by the Executive Board, committee chairpersons and the staff. All parents are welcome to attend.

    • President
      Presides at meetings and represents the school community.
      Responsible for coordinating the activities of the officers and committees.
      Ensures that all work gets done.
    • Membership Vice President
      Keeps all membership records.
      Responds to calls made by prospective members and schedules classroom observations.
      Distributes information about WLCN to all prospective members.
      Maintains all official class lists for the school and notifies Student Records person of any changes in information during the school year for updating of emergency cards.
    • Building Vice President/Supplies Pick-up
      Responsible for building operations and maintenance.
      Coordinates the classroom cleaning schedule.
      During the school year, this person shops for supplies monthly or as needed by shopping at BJ’s or Costco. They will be reimbursed regularly.
    • Class Liaisons
      Each class has its own liaison.
      Serves as a link between class members, teachers, and the Board.
      Responsible for co-op schedule, snack guidelines, and emergency telephone tree.
    • Treasurer
      Supervises all the financial affairs of the school.
      Collects tuition and fees, disburses money, and maintains financial records.
      Files federal, state, and local tax reports.
    • Webmaster
      Converts to HTML and then posts on school website any updates/new content given by the various board & committee heads.
      Drives periodic review of website for content accuracy.
      Maintains and updates the school’s Google Apps for Education, Google Workspace, and Jovial organizational software.
      Serves as technical/billing contact for website provider email accounts.
      Redesigns website as necessary.
    • Student Records
      Collects & maintains health records and All About My Child forms for all students according to school and state guidelines.
      Informs parents of changes to vaccination and medications guidelines and adjusts records accordingly.
      Maintains accurate emergency contact information for all students.
    • As a coop, all of the parents were so attuned to the kids and what was going on in the school. It was a wonderful experience both for us and the kids.

      The Sheets Family
    • When we moved to the area 7 years ago and happened upon WLCN, we found an instant network of friends both for myself and my children.

      The Sowry Family
    • I love the community at WLCN and the feeling that we truly do look out for one another.

      The Nelson Family
    • A cooperative preschool like Wilde Lake is great because parents and family members are able to be so involved in all aspects of the preschool experience.

      The Michalke Family
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