Metamorphosis with the Harcum’s

November 20, 2022

This summer our butterfly bushes and milkweed plants were in full bloom. Beautiful flowers also welcomed butterflies… and other bugs! This summer we learned (our best) about metamorphosis.

We got to admire butterflies near and far, fuzzy caterpillars up close, and cocoons hanging on.

The easiest introduction was the combination of seeing them in nature, and reading Eric Carle’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. When we read, questions were asked, and observations were made that complemented what we saw in nature.

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C., because I did so well outside in nature with them flying around and even up close. When we went to the Butterfly Pavilion, we were able to walk at close range in a temperature controlled room (way too muggy) and have the butterflies fly around us.

One might think about the amazing opportunity this was, nope. I. Was. Terrified. I screamed and cried, and tried to escape at every turn. The flying monsters were ALL AROUND swarming me, flapping in my face. I was the spectacle for them. It was a VERY short walk through that could not have ended fast enough. People stared as my mom carried me out.

From that moment on, I’ve been afraid of bugs. Winged or wingless, legs or larva, it’s a nope from me.

And that is how butterflies ruined bugs for me. And DON’T even get me started on the cicadas from the year prior.

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