Movie Night at Connor’s!

September 25, 2022

This weekend we hosted a movie night school fundraiser for WLCN. It was a big hit for both the kids and the adults! What made this movie night different, and extra fun, was that it was outside in the backyard, the movie was played on a projector on a screen, the kids could run around and play on the swing set, and there was even authentic movie popcorn supplied by a classmate! Bluey was the opening act, followed by Toy Story!

Connor has always enjoyed movie nights with his family. He likes watching Disney movies with his 20-year-old sister and older Star Wars movies with his 19-year-old brother. Both siblings are away at college for their fall semesters, so our house is quite a bit quieter than we are all used to. It meant a lot to us all to enjoy a movie night with friends, some old and some new!

On Friday, the kids were initially entertained by Bluey on the big screen, but Toy Story was watched mainly by the adults because the kids were having so much fun playing and eating popcorn. It was great getting to know some of the other parents at WLCN and enjoying the great fall weather. We’re looking forward to other opportunities to get to know everyone this year! As Connor said into the mic at the end of the movie, “thanks for coming to movie night!”

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