• School starts Sept. 8 for the 2020-2021 school year.
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  • Welcome to Wilde Lake Children's Nursery

    ————————-COVID update August 2020————————–
    Friends and Families,
    A note from our Director and Lead Teacher, Ms. Jessica:
    Following the Howard County Public School System Board of Education meeting, our own board met to discuss how we would like to move forward.  There was a lot to consider in our decision, and nothing was taken lightly.  Among our concerns are the health and safety of our children and staff, the educational and socialization needs of the children, the schedules of HCPSS, increased cleaning protocols, and materials necessary to make school a reality.
    Ultimately, we have decided that it is in our best interest to move forward following the HPCSS schedule, beginning our school year virtually on September 8th.  Unlike HCPSS, we will be working in a somewhat hybrid model.  Each of our classes will offer an optional outdoor session once a week (weather dependent) in addition to virtual content and resources provided by myself, Ms. Tammie, and Ms. Wendy.  The outdoor play will incorporate enhanced cleaning protocols, social distancing, require parents/caregivers to stay for the duration, and all adults will be required to wear masks.  For our virtual content, the 2s class will have a monthly box that will include activities to do at home as well as links to videos from me that relate to the box’s theme.  The 3s class will have three pre-recorded educational content videos (two aimed at the 3s and 4s, and one specifically aimed at the standards for 3-year-olds) and three pre-recorded activity videos.  The 4s class will have four pre-recorded educational content videos (two of these videos will be shared with the 3s and focus on both age levels, and two will be content specific for the 4s) and four pre-recorded activity videos.
    We will continue to follow guidelines set by the county and state and monitor how things progress.  This particular learning model will keep things flexible should the situation around us change.  As mentioned above, we plan on following the schedule of HCPSS, so intend on participating in this model through January 28th.  We will revisit our choices as the year progresses in the hopes that we will be able to be in person in the second semester of the school year.
    We want to work with your children.  We want to keep everyone safe.  We want to promote the education of each individual in our WLCN community.  At this time, this looks much different than in years past.  We are striving to provide as much content as we can to make this learning experience as close to the real classroom as possible.  We look forward to the day we are all able to meet together without restrictions and laugh and play at circle time again.  Those giggles combined with all of the a-ha moments make my heart full.
    We miss you all tremendously and look forward to working with you to make this a spectacular year!
    Please visit us @wildelakechildrensnursery on Facebook
  • Columbia's First Cooperative Preschool

    No Fundraising Commitment. Recognized as having a high quality program by excels_logo
    • Licensed

      We are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education, and we follow the learning principles and early childhood development practices of the Howard County Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum.

    • Learning Through Play

      We believe that play is fundamental to a child’s education experience. We offer a variety of free play experiences and teacher-directed activities.

    • Cooperative

      Mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other adult caregivers are welcome as co-op helper. Your child will be thrilled to be the “co-op friend”.

    • Allergy-Friendly

      Peanuts/peanuts butter snacks are not allowed, and neither are items made in a facility that also processes nuts. If a child has additional allergies, those foods are not served to any children of that class. Hands and mouths are wiped upon entering the classroom.

    • Small Classes

      With one of the smallest class sizes for co-ops in Howard County, your child receives individual attention and is able to progress at his or her own pace.

    • Approved Curriculum

      We use the Little Treasures curriculum in our four-year-old class. This is one of six curriculum packages approved by the State of Maryland. In the two-year-old and three-year-old classes, we follow the principles of the Howard County Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum.

  • Our Programs

    Classes for 2, 3, and 4 year olds
  • Through a wide variety of "learning through play" activities, we expose children to language arts, music, mathematics, social development, and science.

  • Each child’s progress in all areas — social and emotional skills, language arts, math, problem-solving skills, and physical development — is communicated to parents at regularly scheduled conferences as well as on an informal basis (at pickup/drop-off, email, phone, and etc).

    • Two-Year-Old Program
      Tuesday, Thursday
      • 2
      • 10
        Class size
    • Three-Year-Old Program
      Monday, Wednesday, Friday
      • 2.5
      • 16
        Class size
    • Four-Year-Old Program
      • 2.5
      •       16                              
        Class size
  • Meet Our Staff

  • Classroom staff consists of one teacher and an assistant teacher with experience in early childhood care.

  • At WLCN, we believe we have the best teachers in the area. All of our staff is committed to making sure your child is well cared for and supported while at school. They take the time to understand what is unique about every child and work hard to make their time away from home a positive experience. This really shows on the children’s faces at the end of the school day!

    • Tamara Heffner
      Lead Teacher/Director
    • A wonderful parent led preschool in Columbia. The teachers are caring and love the kids. This school is a great pick for parents who want their children to learn through play and learn to interact with their peers. My daughter has gone here for two years and loves it!

      The McKinley Family
    • The teachers were all so involved, along with all of the parents. As a coop, all of the parents were so attuned to the kids and what was going on in the school.

      The Sheets Family
    • The teachers are so warm and caring and take the time to get to know your child as an individual and cater to their little personality quirks.

      The Sassi Family
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