A Girl and her Dogs

April 24, 2022

Bringing a new baby home to our two dogs was a bit nerve wracking. How do we introduce our new baby to our first babies and how can we mesh as a new family? Olivia’s first ever stuffed animal was a little grey husky from the hospital gift shop. At the advice of our friends and family, we brought home the baby blanket to our two huskies, Clara and Misha, to help acclimate them to the smell of our little one. At first they were curious, intrigued by this small human we had brought into the home. We leave for the hospital and come back with an entirely new addition, a new routine, and less attention to provide to our dogs. To our relief, though, it was an instant connection. Our youngest dog took to Olivia immediately and they were instant best friends.

Being a dog family is about much more than just companionship from our fur friends. Our dogs are our daughter’s protectors and help to teach her compassion and responsibility. Olivia is an amazing helper and dog lover. She helps to feed, walk, brush, and play with our pups. Olivia loves to give them treats, and they take full advantage of this.

Misha, our younger pup, named for the brown bear in which she so much resembles, has sweet temperament, playful demeanor, and like Olivia, is a ball of energy. She wakes us each morning with a code nose, wagging tail, and tons of wet kisses. Clara, is our calm, vigilant, protective, diva pup who loves the couch and to snuggle up on top of all the pillows, as close as possible to her humans. Watching our huskies and our daughter grow together and bond is the greatest gift.

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