¡Bienvenidos! स्वागत छ! Welcome!

September 11, 2022

We are so excited to welcome our families and friends back to Wilde Lake Children’s Nursery after a long summer of fun. This is my first school year at Wilde Lake and I am already feeling so welcomed in this new role! I have been amazed by the generosity of our families and your willingness to offer support within our school community. I am quickly coming to love everything that a cooperative preschool has to offer.

The thing that I love most about the cooperative preschool experience is the level of parent engagement. What a unique and enriching experience it is to be invited into your child’s classroom as an active participant! On a parent’s co-op day, they are able to become a part of our classroom and teaching team as we go about our daily schedule. Over the first few days of school I have been able to observe a number of parents come into the classroom. I have seen parents participating in circle time and activities, singing songs, and actively playing with their children’s peers.

Parent engagement is so incredibly important for your child’s academic success. When children see that their parents and teachers have a good relationship, they understand that we are a team who wants to see them learn and grow. At the foundation of our relationship is the common goal that we both want your child to succeed! The Early Learning Network offers “The Three C’s” of a parent-teacher partnership: Communication, Consistency, and Collaboration. Frequent communication will ensure that we are on the same page and working alongside one another. Together, we can collaborate in order to foster the development of new skills both at school and home. As your children’s first teachers, we are dedicated to ensuring that they have a positive school experience!

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