Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 22, 2022

Introducing the Wolfe pack! Holly (mommy), Jeremy (daddy), Evan (2.5) and baby Natalie (7 months). Evan is in the 2’s class this year and he loves going to school and playing with this school friends and teachers. Evan has learned so much this year.

This week was fun week in our celebrating Valentine’s Day. We did many things to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Evan made a special Valentine for our Pops at school and rode his bike with his friends after school.

Something fun we do to celebrate holidays in our house is make different shaped cheeseburgers. For Christmas we make Christmas tree shaped cheeseburgers. For Valentine’s day, we make heart shaped cheeseburgers! We received a special gift from our Fee (grandma). Fee made Evan and Natalie special wolf stuffed animals.

We hope everybody had a fun week celebrating Valentine’s Day with their friends and family.

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