Say 'Yes' or 'No'" says Esrom

January 23, 2022
Esrom is the last born, for now, of a family of four children: 3 boys and one girl. His sister addresses her brothers, including Esrom as, ‘three annoying brothers’, and she wants a sister, which I do not think she will have.
Esrom has a special bond with his first born brother Noah. He usually sleeps and plays with him. Listening to the conversations of Esrom with his immediate older brother Essey, about riding their toy cars, leggo, blocks is a real refresher for a parent.
Esrom loves his Taekwondo practice at the Integrity Martial Arts, though he sometimes refuses to do some of the animal moves. He is now a Tiger Gold Belt.
Esrom loves Eritrean traditional coffee ceremony. Drinking coffee is a lengthy and entertaining ceremony in the Eritrean culture. In here, we usually make traditional coffee ceremony when it is Sunday (when mum is home), and on holidays (Easter, Christmas, NewYear (September 11) etc). Esrom loves the coffee (which mum makes 15% coffee and 85% milk) and all that comes with it (cake, candies, crackers, popcorn).
Most of all Esrom loves screen time. He would come and ask “can I have screen time”. When Dad or Mum say ‘ok’, he would say “Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No'”. Esrom also loves Ice Cream, yum!
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