Winter Wonderland Fun

January 16, 2022

Everett and his family start singing “Let It Snow!” during the winter months. This family loves wintertime fun! We kicked off the season over Thanksgiving in Deep Creek Lake where we got our first snowfall! During this trip Everett enjoyed his first sledding run of the season. Good sledding is not just to be found in Western Maryland—the neighborhoods of Howard County are full of hills to enjoy sledding. Our family’s favorite hill in our neighborhood is called “the Big Hill”—each snow day we trekked over there for sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, and snowperson making.

Over winter break social distancing concerns pushed us to further spend time outside. We finally were able to check out the outdoor ice skating rink in downtown Rockville. A few years ago this rink was spotted during Christmas shopping but we were always too busy to stop and skate. This year tickets are bought in advance to ensure the ice is not overcrowded. The whole family had a blast! At first Everett was not happy circling the ice but once we grabbed a toddler helper—he loved being pushed around by Mom and Dad. Of course hot chocolate finished off this great afternoon. Information found at Rockville Town Square Outdoor Ice Skating.

Everett’s personal top 2 snow-related activities are throwing snowballs at his siblings and eating the snow until his teeth chatter. Our family hopes you are able to find the beauty in winter and get outside for some cold weather fun!

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