Hello, my name is Camryn

November 06, 2022

Hello, my name is Camryn Moody and this is my family. We’ve traveled all over because my dad is in the Air Force. But recently he went from active duty to guard because he wanted us to be close to family. So we said goodbye to Florida and hello to Maryland.

I love going to Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s and playing all the different video games but my favorite is Fortnite. I love the weekend because mom and dad sit and play Fortnite with me.

I absolutely love reading. I enjoy going on trips to library!

Every state I’ve been to I always visit their zoos and museums and aquariums.

My dad and I are huge ravens fans and hopefully this year we go to the Super Bowl.

Did I mention that I love fish! I even have my own pet fish.

This summer I went to go dig for dinosaur bones and I had so much fun!

My absolutely favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is go to the beach. I love uninhabited islands so I can enjoy the nature and the wildlife. I love to explore.

At the end of the day I love to snuggle with all of my favorite stuffed animals. I’m a huge sonic fan.

Halloween at the Greenfield HouseHi, my name is Brix!