Swimming in Plushies

October 23, 2022

Ten years ago, it started with one medium sized pink penguin given to Ethan’s older sister. As the amount and size of children has increased, so have the stuffed creatures. At every opportunity, all three kids will beg for a new addition to the collection! Last count, there were well over a hundred plushies in the house.

Ethan loves to roll around in them on the rare occasions that they’re all in one place. His brother and sister do too!

Stuffed creatures and dolls give children (and adults) a great opportunity to do some roleplay and have a comfort item. Ethan and his big siblings have tea parties, game shows, play family, and host weddings for their toys.

There is zero evidence that people should give up their love of plushies as they get older, so even mom and dad have a couple!

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